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Women's Personal Trainin

Did you know that your doula is also a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer? 

Karsey saw a need for a one-on-one personal trainer who specialized in women's fitness in her community and started the journey towards her certification in March 2023. Exercise and fitness is not one-size-fits-all and most generic exercise routines are based on men's bodies. Karsey can design programs based on your needs and special situations. Adolescence, Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Menopause are all events that drastically alter women's physical and hormonal makeup. Karsey is qualified to guide you through every step of her program to help increase your overall physical and mental health. There are various ways Karsey can provide her services: One-on-one training at a gym, virtual training, home workout plans, self guided gym/fitness center workout programs, and general nutrition guidance.

One-on-one Personal Training

Karsey is currently part of the team of trainers at Absolute Fitness in Cookeville, TN. By training in a gym, clients have access to a wide variety of equipment to help them reach their health and fitness goals. A membership to Absolute Fitness is required for one-on-one sessions located at this facility. A benefit of having a gym membership includes the ability to have access to fitness equipment even on days that personal training sessions are not scheduled. Coming to the gym 3-5 times per week will help clients reach their goals faster. These training sessions are suitable for women at every life stage.


Single 60min session $30

10 60min. sessions $270

20 60min. sessions $500

*Group classes will be available beginning September 2023 at The Foxhole Wellness Group in Cookeville.


Virtual Training

This service gives a client access to their trainer no matter where they are. This program includes video chats and custom, written workout plans that can be tailored to include whatever type of equipment a client has access to. Weekly check-ins and reevaluations are encourged. Karsey will guide each client through their program to ensure maximum results. These plans can easily be completed at home or in a fitness facility. These programs are suitable for women at every life stage.

Price: $80/month(4 weeks) 


Self-Guided Workout Plan

This service is similar to virtual training, but does not include weekly video chats and check ins. This program is fitting for self motivated individuals that already have a basic understanding of fitness and exercise technique. This service includes an individualized training plan. These plans can be completed in a gym, fitness facility, or at home. These programs are suitable for women at every life stage.

Price: $60/4 week plan


General Nutrition Guidance 

Nutrition is the most important aspect of fitness. Karsey has the knowledge and skillset to guide each client towards healthier food options and to refer them to Nutritionists and Dieticians if necessary. Included in each program, general macronutrient information will be provided to optimize a clients health and fitness results.

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