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Private Childbirth Classes

Class can be held in the clients home or in a setting of their choosing. 

Class Options: 3/2hour classes-$100

Single 3 hour class-$75

Single 2 hour class-$60

Agenda: The purpose of these classes are to provide detailed, one-on-one education about pregnancy and to prepare the mother and her partner for childbirth in a private, comfortable setting.

*Call For Scheduling.

*Payment due at time of scheduling.

Group Childbirth Classes

Location: The Foxhole Wellness Group- 728 S. Jefferson Ave Suit 15

Class Options:

3 Week Course: $100 per couple. New classes will begin every month. See calendar for dates. 

One Day Intensive: $75 per couple. This is a condensed version of the 3 week course. This class will take place on Saturdays every month(dates to be disclosed the month before).

Agenda: The goal of group classes is to provide descriptive, engaging education about pregnancy and childbirth, as well as to encourage everyone attending to connect with others who are sharing similar experiences. 

Specialty Classes:  Natural Birth Focus($60), Birth Plan 101($20), and Birth Partner Bootcamp($50).

*Space is limited.

*Payment due at booking.

Birth Doula Service

Description: After hiring, the doula will provide evidence based education and information throughtout the client's pregnancy and offer continuous one-on-one support for the mother during labor and delivery.


  • 24/7 availability by phone

  • 4 private prenatal visits

  • Private childbirth education

  • Newborn Care Education

  • Emotional support throughout pregnancy

  • Personalized birth plan

  • On-call from 37 weeks until delivery

  • Labor support at home if needed before proceeding to their desired delivery location

  • Presence at the birth in the setting of the client's choosing with no time restriction

  • Access to all available labor tools

  • Physical and emotional support during labor

  • Aromatherapy if desired

  • Partner coaching during labor and delivery

  • Coaching during delivery

$650. Space is limited. Call for a free consultation.

*Zero cost initial interview and contract required.

*Accepted methods of payment: Cash or Check is perferred. 

Venmo and PayPal are also accepted 


About The Owner


Hello, my name is Karsey Conohan. I am a certified birth doula and certified childbirth educator serving the communities of Cookeville and Livingston, Tennessee. My passion for birth was sparked during my own pregnancies and I am determined to change the way people view childbirth. I believe that education is the key to increasing successful birth outcomes leading to healthier moms and newborns.
I look forward to serving the expectant families of my hometown of Cookeville and surrounding areas. My goal as a birth doula and childbirth educator is to help women understand how strong and amazing their bodies are, as well as to increase their confidence in their ability to birth.


Client Testimonials

Kelsi R.

Sarah B.

Callie B.

Going into my pregnancy with Jovi, I was SO nervous because of the labor and delivery experience I had with Ash. I knew I didn’t want to go through that again, and I started considering a doula. God must’ve known exactly what I wanted and needed when he sent me Karsey. She helped me feel safe, secure, and empowered during my pregnancy and my labor/delivery.

Karsey is an amazing doula!

My husband and I are so grateful for her!

When I was pregnant the baby was breech. Karsey worked her magic with me and baby turned head down and we were able to have a beautiful home birth!

I had such a positive birth experience thanks to all her support!

She has always been there whenever I needed anything and has absolutely went above and beyond all my expectations!

I can’t recommend her enough!

When I became pregnant, I found that Karsey was very well educated on several of my concerns throughout my pregnancy. During my pregnancy, she was there for my highs and lows. Karsey was able to sympathize with me on matters that were hard to explain to those around me. In the months postpartum, Karsey was there for me in ways no one else could be. She understood my depression and she understood my struggles. On more than one occasion, Karsey was able to calm my fears. I can honestly say that this is her calling.

Krissie A.

Hands down, I would have NEVER made it through natural childbirth without the support from both my friend & doula Karsey. Especially when things got hard real quick toward the end she supported me with hip presses, helped my husband hold my legs when I was beyond exhausted, encouraged me when I literally wanted to give up, and stayed with me after birth to ensure I was well and to help my son begin eating. If you’re planning a non medicated birth, get yourself a doula 100% no question about it! If you’re planning a medicated birth, get yourself a doula.

Sarah H. 

We met Karsey and instantly felt more comfortable with what was to come. She taught us natural pain relief exercises, how to advocate for ourselves, and different positions for pushing. When the time came to deliver our sweet boy, things didn’t go quite as planned. I labored naturally with the support of Karsey and my husband for many hours, and when our son went into distress Karsey helped to keep us calm as we tried different positions to help him. I was then rushed into an emergency c-section. Karsey was the ultimate support for my husband while he waited in the delivery room for an update on me and our son since he was not allowed into the operating room. We are beyond thankful we had Karsey on our team through our pregnancy and during our delivery. We will use Karsey for any pregnancies in the future. I recommend Karsey for any families delivering a baby no matter what form of delivery.




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